“Our primary strength lies in our skilled team, marked by superior technical proficiency and a culture promoting inventive and forward-thinking interactions. Our leaders emphasise transparency, operational integrity, and a commitment to cyber security.”

team recon dan
Managing DIrector | CTO

Dan Housden

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Chinese proverb


Daniel’s journey into the world of IT began at 8 years old when his mum sat him down at a computer at her work to occupy him. When she came back a short time later, he was already in the system. Her boss was amazed as he’d been having problems getting into the system himself.

It’s this hands-on, problem solving approach that Daniel has taken throughout his 20+ year career specialising in Cyber Security, Operations and Management. Throw him a problem and he’ll respond with a myriad of ways to resolve it.

He was a leading voice in security design models, security risk frameworks and operational delivery models that are used significantly in ICT today. He has created over 17 SOC designs, 9 risk frameworks as well as designing, building and managing the 1st major “SOC as a Service” within Australia and is focused on solving the “As a Service” security concerns faced by many businesses moving to the cloud.

Daniel loves being challenged by new and emerging threats in the cyber world. With the threat landscape changing daily and only accelerating in the future, particularly targeting cloud services, being able to review, test and replicate threats to see how they operate drives him everyday.

Away from the recon office you’ll find him fishing, driving and catching up with his mates, but always thinking how to solve the next big cyber challenge.

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team recon kyle
Managing Director | COO

Kyle Lange

“Knowledge is an appreciation of the possession of interconnected details which, in isolation, are of lesser value.”



As an accomplished architect and customer advocate with 25+years’ experience, it’s completely logical that Kyle’s driving mantra is a pure definition of knowledge, rather than an esoteric quote.

His interest in IT began when he scrounged a 286 PC and started pulling it apart. After spending several years in Europe in a variety of sales roles he discovered programming, and the tech world suddenly made sense. On his return to Australia he developed the first Australian-hosted, secure, online backup service for small-medium enterprise.

He has become a trusted industry advisor in enterprise strategy, security process and design modelling, and strategic relationship management for ASX-50 clients. His expertise and knowledge focuses on Secure Architecture design, Security Strategy and Governance, and Relationship Management.

Kyle holds a variety of professional qualifications: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP); Certified Information Security Officer (S-CISO); The Open Group Certified: TOGAF® Standard.

He maintains a consumer focused approach in creating solutions from his start in sales, believing if the customer doesn’t “get it”, it’s the wrong approach.

For Kyle the appeal of cyber is that it never stands still; it’s always changing and so you are always experiencing something new. The world is becoming more and more (inter-) connected. Technology continues to intrude into our private existences. The need to evolve, combat, and protect against these incursions will only become more urgent, and necessary, as time progresses.

With such a laser-like focus on creating innovative tech solutions, he enjoys spending his time away from the challenges of the cyber world, very quietly.

team recon jay
Security Solutions Advisor

Jay McKenzie

“The best way to learn is by doing. The only way to build a strong work ethic is getting your hands dirty.” 

Alex Spannos

These words of legendary real estate developer and NFL team owner, Alex Spanos drive Jay Dawson Mckenzie’s customer focused approach to client management.

Jay has always been driven to succeed, which led him to leave his childhood home of Bathurst and move to Sydney to pursue his career in management roles. He moved into the IT industry attracted by its challenges and opportunities.

Customer satisfaction, delivery, commitment and attention to detail underline Jay’s approach to delivering customer success and nurturing long term partnerships. Jay believes cyber security must continue to change to meet changing perceptions as people evolve from thinking of it as being a nice to have, to a must have.

Jay is a passionate gamer and also enjoys going on walks with his dog, spending time with friends and family and has recently discovered a love of gardening.

team recon keith
Group Project Manager

Keith Chambers

“The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.”

Dr. Who


It wasn’t quite a miracle that led Keith to a career in IT, just a forward-thinking secondary school maths teacher who suggested he follow a career in programming as ‘computers are the future’. He let Keith use the school’s first Apple II computer, at lunchtime and after school – but took the manuals away, so a young Keith had to teach himself.

Keith now has over thirty years of enterprise managerial experience in Private and Government organisations across Banking, Logistics, Supply Chain, Aviation, Mining and Law Enforcement.

Commencing in operations, software development and Enterprise Architecture Keith took a drastic turn into business product development that allowed his creative ability to shine. He is a strategic thinker with a creative problem-solving flair who has held roles in project and program management including program director.

He enjoys the flexibility his role at recon gives him to be creative and be challenged by working in a diverse range of organisations and across a variety of products. As we all leave a digital footprint, Keith believes  the sooner we work out what is private and public the better we will all be in protecting our privacy.

He extends his creative flair away from work by experimenting with IoT devices. From home brew hardware to weather recording devices, gate openers and water tank measurement devices – all implemented at his hobby farm.

Skilled and Experienced Professionals

Our team’s foundation in operations allows us to evaluate and deliver meaningful and strategic guidance that can be structured and implemented in a consequential way.

The technical aptitude of the recon team is continuously strengthened through the internal testing of our delivery approach. We are passionate about our ability to deliver a high standard of service in a significantly reduced timeframe compared to other providers.

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