Air gapping web servers from direct attack

recon ai is a fully functioning SIEM running on edge server platform provisioned on premise, on cloud, or hybrid, private cloud.

recon ai  takes application security and visibility and brings it into the business.

Applications are often seen as “too hard” or onerous to integrate with existing security monitoring tools. recon ai  bridges this gap by providing the ability to identify application usage, assist in transforming applications to the cloud and ensure that ongoing security and access are monitored.

recon ai is offered as a basic, entry level solution with a range of optional modular extensions which can be added as and when required.

By placing recon ai on an edge server platform there is an immediate, significant risk mitigation.

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  • Full SIEM reporting, threat detection, behavioural analysis, logging, events and flows management 
  • Simpler infrastructure, one mechanism, less administration 
  • One port out, no ports in, vulnerability mitigated 
  • Infinitely scalable 
  • Bridging the edge and the dmz 
  • User application acceleration
  • MFA- Akamai authentication bridging
  • Integration to big data systems
  • Secure API’s
  • Secure, role-based remote access from anywhere
  • Page integrity – identify dubious third party code, report of vulnerable scripts – behaviour analysis
  • Rapid transformation – Discover (DNS Analysis) /Deploy
  • Security visibility and extended security visibility
  • Greater awareness of concerns
  • Greater visibility of applications and internal delivery
  • Simplifying the delivery of applications
  • One stop licensing purchase – one invoice/ multiple technologies and services, subscription based

recon innovations

<strong>recon</strong> ai

Application edge to the SIEM

recon ai