Security Assessments

RECON Assessments assist organisations in understanding their current maturity, be it related to a technology configuration, ISO preparation or operational management. RECON assessments provide a clear outline of the current concerns, prioritisations, and actions to assist business in building stronger cyber resilience.

Infrastructure Security Health

Infrastructure Security Health Assessment is focused on assessing the current security controls within your environment, ensuring policy configuration is appropriate, and ensuring that there are no misconfigurations that may lead to an open threat. The following are incorporated in the assessment:

  1. Vendor and version checking (known vulnerabilities and/or critical concerns)
  2. Current infrastructure configuration (cloud or premise)
  3. Base line configuration requirements:
    • System Logging and Monitoring
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Sub-OS hardening status
    • User and Admin Access
    • CLI query and open port queries.
  4. Security Policies in place incorporating:
    • Security Policy structure and definition
    • Policy effectiveness (targeted and broad)
    • Policy performance and use

This is all amalgamated into a central report that outlines the key concerns in priority and recommended actions necessary.

Technology Adoption

Choosing technology is not just about reading the analyst reports. Many businesses need to define their requirements prior to assessing technology options. RECON can accelerate the requirements definition for your business as well as provide guidance on relevant and appropriate vendors that match your environmental requirements.

RECON constantly tests multiple vendor technologies for ongoing viability as part of our Managed Security offerings. If you want to know the real-world application of an upcoming technology acquisition, give us a call.

ISO 27001/02 – Readiness Assessment

Many businesses make it their compliance focus to try to achieve ISO 27001/02. The prefaces for ISO are the policies and procedures of the business. These are active documents that are needed to achieve certification.

In our assessment, we perform the following:

  • Assess current Corporate Policies
  • Review and Recommend Policy additions and adaptions
  • Assess Risk Management Plans
    • Review Procedural and Process actions
    • Identify Executive agreement and escalation process

Real World Cyber Security

We practice what we preach. We pride ourselves on our transparent delivery, whether it be Consulting, Professional Services or Managed Security services.

Our focus is to assist businesses in defining, developing and managing cyber resiliency and maturity so that it doesn’t become a burden to daily operations.

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