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No SIEM for Operational Technology (OT)articles

No SIEM for Operational Technology (OT)?

The stampede to the cloud has been underway for some time now and is only predicted to grow exponentially. To the extent it now seems every vendor wants to push us to use their cloud service. The benefits to the vendor are obvious; predictability of…
Kyle Lange
June 27, 2024
AI - no substitute for knowledgearticles

No substitute for knowledge!

The global arms race has gone digital. Yes, I know! That comment is fifteen years too late. But with cyberattacks becoming ever more frequent and intricate as actors hone their craft, modern cyber defence methods need a bit of review.  You’d have to be naïve…
Kyle Lange
June 13, 2024
Is XDR really better than SIEM?articles

Is XDR really better than SIEM?

The IT industry just loves a good acronym; SDN, NBAD, SASE, CTI, and OSINT, to name a few. One of these now finding some marketspace is XDR (eXtended Detection and Response). If you were to read some of the puff pieces, publicity articles, and general…
Kyle Lange
June 6, 2024
Cyber: Where pawns and firewalls collidearticles

Cyber: Where pawns and firewalls collide

In cyber, one step ahead is the name of the game. Anticipating attacks and fortifying your weaknesses are key to achieving victory (or avoiding defeat). Sound familiar? While the tools and techniques differ, the strategic thinking and planning required share surprising parallels with a well-played…
Kyle Lange
May 21, 2024

Rent vs. Buy: Decoding Cloud Hosting

The cloud revolution has transformed how business operates. A recent IDC white paper commissioned by Microsoft highlights the economic benefits of public cloud adoption in Australia and New Zealand. The study predicts that by 2026, cloud spending will generate over A$114 billion in Australia and…
Kyle Lange
April 22, 2024

Understanding your options for email protection

Even as digital collaboration solutions have evolved, email has remained a prevalent communication channel, which also means cyber criminals continue attacking it. In 2023, 97% of organisations surveyed by Mimecast experienced email-based phishing attacks. These threats range from basic phishing attempts to more sophisticated schemes…
Dan Housden
February 28, 2024

Can you afford not to invest in cyber resilience?

Plenty of people have written about the increasing costs of doing business. Many executives are focused solely on putting capital into one of two places: revenue-generating exercises or retained earnings to ensure their business can survive any forthcoming, widely expected recession. Financial backup and revenue…
Kyle Lange
November 22, 2023
What makes an organisation's cyber security mature?articles

What makes an organisation’s cyber security mature?

More boards and business leaders have focused their attention on cyber security initiatives in recent years. This is partially a result of increased reports on threats, including breaches that impacted some of Australia’s largest and most well-known companies. Leadership has also become responsible for understanding…
Dan Housden
October 30, 2023

Unpacking NIST CSF 2.0: A renewed focus on governance

In recent years, I have witnessed the transition from cyber security as merely a role for the IT department to a subject raised in board-level discussions. Major breaches impacting the Australian public and people globally have forced executives to ask about the measures in place…
Kyle Lange
September 26, 2023
What should Australian CISOs care about in FY2024?articles

What should Australian CISOs care about in FY2024?

The role of Australian CISOs has undergone significant change in recent years. Where you once were responsible for delivering and managing cyber security tools to complement the work done by your CIO, you are now responsible for managing the entire organisation’s risk profile and providing…
Dan Housden
August 30, 2023
recon augmentedarticles

Augmented security operations

There are, by some calculations, no less than 11 different types of tools used today by a majority of corporations in efforts to remain secure. On top of the now ubiquitous patch management processes, log management systems, security configuration management (SCM), and security information and…
Kyle Lange
June 15, 2021
recon backupsarticles

Regular backups

Out of the Essential 8, Regular backups is the easiest to achieve as the technologies, tools and strategies for backup are well documented. If you are looking to tick off a box quickly and easily to show progression on your Essential 8 journey, this is…
Dan Housden
April 20, 2021
recon risk minimisationarticles

Zero trust network

Zero Trust Networking is a architectural foundation that is based on access control across your network and minimising access across the board.
Dan Housden
March 25, 2021
recon threat intelligencearticles

Threat Intelligence – worth and use

Businesses must be online today. Consumers and businesses need to be able to interact with your business quickly and efficiently… no one has the time to fill out the cheque book anymore. When you allow users to do business with you online, you expose your…
Kyle Lange
July 15, 2020
recon SDN securityarticles

The day will come and mantras to live by.

Many years ago, I had the great pleasure of working with John De Haven. John passed away some years back, but his words of wisdom remain with me. John was officially a genius. A member of Mensa, he had experience in real life or death programming while…
Dan Housden
June 19, 2020