recon and IBM: partners and pioneers in IT security and technology

our exclusive partnership with IBM

Our unique association with IBM places recon in an advantageous position. IBM grants our team exclusive access to its core development processes, allowing us to engage with their newest technologies directly. This means we don’t just implement IBM’s offerings; we influence them. Our collaboration with IBM ensures recon’s clientele benefits from top-tier delivery and an informed perspective on the future of IBM solutions.

specialisations that set us apart

SIEM: Qradar

​​As partners with IBM, we integrate Qradar to offer streamlined security monitoring and threat analysis. This advanced SIEM solution enhances our clients’ ability to quickly identify and act on security threats, ensuring robust data protection and compliance.

XDR: Reaqta

Our collaboration with IBM in XDR provides comprehensive threat detection and response across networks and endpoints. This approach enhances cyber security defences, offering clients integrated protection against sophisticated digital threats.


Implementing IBM’s SOAR, we deliver automated incident response and streamlined security workflows. This solution empowers our clients to respond more rapidly and strategically to threats, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their security operations.

ASM: Randori

Leveraging Randori for Attack Surface Management, we enable clients to proactively identify and address external cyber threats. This tool aids in continuously monitoring and securing the evolving attack landscape, ensuring heightened security vigilance.

DB Monitoring: Guardium

Utilising IBM Guardium, we provide top-tier database activity monitoring to safeguard sensitive data. This robust solution offers comprehensive data protection and compliance, essential for maintaining the security and integrity of critical business information.

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why entrust your IBM journey with recon?

Choose recon for an unmatched IBM experience, where technical expertise meets dedicated customer service.

robust enterprise solutions

Our alliance with IBM ensures solutions that stand the test of time.

unwavering support

Benefit from detailed documentation and comprehensive support throughout your journey.

IBM's resurgence in security

IBM has solidified its position as a security software powerhouse in recent times.

clear trajectory

We provide clarity in our service roadmap, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.

value-driven pricing

recon offers detailed and competitive pricing plans tailored to your needs.

consistent support

Relish in thorough documentation and round-the-clock support on your journey.

Investing in cyber security technology isn’t merely about selecting the right vendor tech – it’s a significant decision that goes beyond the tools. It calls for an experienced and trustworthy partner guiding your choices and implementation. 

At recon, we recognise the value of IBM’s cutting-edge technology – its unparalleled reliability, rigorous support, and unmatched scalability.Our in-depth evaluation and testing of numerous IBM technologies underscore our commitment to delivering the best to our clients.

frequently asked questions

What distinguishes recon's partnership with IBM?

Our exclusive relationship with IBM grants us unique access to their core development processes, enabling us not just to implement their solutions but actively contribute to their evolution. This partnership offers our clients advanced insights and top-tier delivery of IBM’s latest technologies.                

Which IBM technologies does recon specialise?

We specialise in a variety of IBM technologies within the QRadar Portfolio including SIEM, XDR (ReaQta) ASM (Randori), SOAR, Database Activity Monitoring (Guardium) and Application Security (Trusteer).

How does recon ensure the reliability and effectiveness of IBM's solutions?

At recon, we conduct thorough evaluations and rigorous testing of all IBM technologies before deployment. This meticulous process ensures that we provide not only reliable but also perfectly tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Can recon assist in customising IBM solutions to fit specific business requirements?

Clients can anticipate comprehensive support, including detailed documentation and responsive customer service throughout the implementation process and afterwards. Our team is committed to ensuring a smooth and successful integration of IBM technologies into your business operations.

How is recon’s pricing model for IBM solutions structured?

Our pricing model is competitive and tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We focus on providing value-driven solutions, ensuring you receive the best return on your investment in IBM technologies with recon. For specific pricing details, we encourage you to get in touch with our sales team.