is purpose built to Edge-Gap application delivery and minimise direct attack of web servers.

Built on the RECON Technologies’ leading edge cyber security practices, and in partnership with Akamai and IBM Security, is the culmination of 40+ years of enterprise Security Operations experience to provide application availability, threat mitigation, and user access management to the EDGE.

EDGE-Gapped Application Delivery

The largest threat to business today is the secure external delivery of applications. Many organisations expose their web servers and their data to their customers, suppliers, and providers and business struggles in managing this access. provides an air gap between your web server and the presentation of the application externally, providing threat mitigation and user management to minimise the threat footprint of presenting your data externally.

Embedded Security encapsulates all the appropriate security controls for edge applications delivery. Incorporating DoS protection, web application firewall, application air-gapping, web server protection, and full visibility over protection mechanisms for your web server and underlying database.

Incorporating MFA, manages access by secure authentication methods allowing you to manage your clients’, suppliers’, and contractors’ access to your data.

Bringing the SIEM to the Edge provides extended visibility between your web server access, sub-database, and edge delivery, and when coupled with MFA provides you with an end-to-end monitoring and management across your application delivery.

Know when there are concerns, understand who the actors are, and allow for application and security teams to manage and mitigate the threat and minimise data exfiltration.

User Access and Analytics

Businesses spend significant resources trying to manage ongoing access compliance. Embedded in is User Access Management and Behavioral Analytics incorporating both managed access and public access with the added benefits of threat mitigation and management. incorporates Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) meeting the most rigorous GDPR requirements business faces when providing access to external users allowing for an audit based approach to application access.

Partnering to Secure the EDGE was born out of a need for clients to securely manage their application delivery. By partnering with two leading cyber security vendors, Akamai and IBM Security, RECON has created a unique solution to protect web application delivery.

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