recon and Elastic: to enhance observability and security in cyber visibility

Organisations need more than just tools; they require visionary solutions. Elastic represents this future-forward approach with unmatched flexibility and speed. recon, deeply invested in Elastic, knows that true visibility means uncovering what lies beneath the surface.

innovation anchored in open-source

Elastic’s origins in the Open Cyber Security Framework (OCSF) and its rich open-source heritage make it a standout in the cyber industry. Its capability to illuminate activities across OSI layers is unparalleled. In partnership with Elastic, recon has developed an advanced common element schema. This schema bridges the understanding gap between various business divisions, ensuring data is interpreted consistently and effectively.

Elastic products specialised by recon


Proactively monitoring applications, logs, and infrastructure for swift resolution of issues.


Robust, continuous monitoring with threat hunting and automated protection against cyber threats.


Enhanced search functionalities for e-commerce, websites, and customer support, driving personalisation and quicker outcomes.

why choose recon for your Elastic journey?

comprehensive observability

Embrace a complete solution set encompassing APM, SIEM, XDR, Observability, and Search.

streamlined pricing model

Benefit from a transparent pricing structure that supports exponential growth without hidden ingestion costs.

authentic OCSF integration

Connect with the true essence of the Open Cyber Security Framework.

unprecedented search speed

Leverage the power of Elastic’s search engine roots for swift and accurate results.

unified vision

Gain insights from a singular, integrated dashboard.

unmatched expertise

recon boasts Australia’s deepest understanding and expertise in Elastic solutions.

recon and Elastic: elevating observability and security together

recon recognises the intrinsic link between observability and security. Our approach starts with observability, the cornerstone of our Elastic solutions, ensuring a holistic view of your systems. This perspective is critical for effective security, enabling you to identify and address vulnerabilities proactively. By standardising metrics and functions, recon ensures that your teams, whether in server management, application development, or network administration, speak the same language, fostering seamless collaboration and heightened security.

With recon and Elastic, discover the unseen, secure the unknown, and pioneer the future of cyber visibility.