Managed Security

Security Depth and Sovereignty

RECON‘s Managed Security is built on years of operational excellence with large enterprise businesses. This allows us to understand the complexity of applications, networks, servers, and end-points at a deep level.

We utilise practices from NIST, ISO, and ASD embedded in our security operations allowing us to identify risks early and provide detailed mitigation and remediation activities.

RECON maintains a strict management of Australian Data Sovereignty allowing our clients a clear set of rules when it comes to managing their data.

Transparency and Accountability

Security services is about TRUST. RECON provides transparent access to the platforms we manage for our Managed Security services clients, whether they be on-premise or in the cloud.

RECON provides direct access to all Managed Security clients access to its specialised service desk and knowledgebase. This provides our clients visibility into our actions day-to-day and provides detailed information on threats, concerns, and recommendation.

Skilled and Experienced Professionals

RECON‘s cyber security professionals, whether they be engineers, analysts, threat hunters, incident handlers, architects, consultants, or development come from an operational delivery perspective.

We believe that theory is only as good as the practice that is applied. When delivering Managed Security operations, protection needs to be maintained and complimented with both proactive and reactive security measures.

Real World Cyber Security

We practice what we preach. We pride ourselves on our transparent delivery, whether it be Consulting, Professional Services or Managed Security services.

Our focus is to assist businesses in defining, developing and managing cyber resiliency and maturity so that it doesn’t become a burden to daily operations.

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