About Us

Our Story

RECON was built as a think tank to look at cyber security in the real world.

Many organisations are constantly challenged by an ever changing cyber landscape and often don’t get appropriate advice, guidance and assistance in dealing with the ongoing challenges. These challenges are not simple. Often, the cyber security team is heavily reactive to the concerns and issues faced without thinking of the strategy, technology, and/or the processes necessary to enact good cyber security practices. RECON is looking to try and change this.

Our business is to assist organisations in understanding their cyber risk, assessing the appropriate course of actions, evaluating technology, people and processes that are in place, and assist in defining a better tomorrow for the businesses we work with.

Highly Skilled Professionals

Delivering and managing the most complex cyber security environments with efficiency and operational integrity.


You see what we see. Providing transparency to our actions allows us to interact and integrate with your ICT operations.

Thought Leaders

Designing and developing better ways to protect businesses. Our team is always thinking “What if?”.

Building Cyber Maturity

RECON understands that there are numerous different standards and methodologies around cyber security and each has its place. Our design, architect, and build practices incorporate NIST, ISO, defence-in-depth, and ASD best practices as part of every delivery. Cyber security is about minimising attack vectors, clear and articulated procedures, and ensuring ongoing compliance with industry and regulatory requirements.

Our staff come from operational backgrounds allowing us to evaluate and provide guidance that is meaningful and that can be acted upon in a structured and relevant way for your business.

Real-World Cyber Security

We practice what we preach. We pride ourselves on our transparent delivery, whether it be Consulting, Professional Services or Managed Security services.

Our focus is to assist businesses in defining, developing and managing cyber resiliency and maturity so that it doesn’t become a burden to daily operations.

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