The cyberverse is a living organism – constantly fluid, always adapting, with threats relentlessly multiplying.

team recon

Continuous change was the driving force behind the establishment of recon. Our team understood the need for ongoing strategic development and the necessity to anticipate threats, adapt to the ever-changing environment, and evolve when the next challenge emerges.

At recon we’ve spent decades working alongside some of the world’s largest corporations and government organisations and during that time become increasingly concerned with the steep rise in substandard cyber security practices.

Identifying risk, designing pragmatic cyber solutions and enterprise-grade delivery, coupled with our ongoing management, recon partners feel reassured knowing they are in experienced hands.

The recon team has an agile and vendor-agnostic approach to doing business, using our global cyber knowledge to collaborate and create a solution that meets your unique security needs.

why recon

Highly skilled professionals

recon deliver and manage the most complex cyber security environments with efficiency and operational integrity.

team recon


You see what we see. Providing transparency to our actions allows recon to interact and integrate with your ICT operations.

our philosophy

Thought leaders

recon design and develop better ways to protect businesses. Our team is always thinking “What if?”.

“To face the ever-shifting challenges of the cyberverse, we need cyber security that evolves”

our values

At recon, we pride ourselves on maintaining a strong base of ethics and core values.

These values underpin our day to day interactions with each other and our clients.  


At recon we work under a strict code of confidentiality with our clients.  


The recon team constantly challenge established cyber thinking and investigate new approaches and technologies every day. 


We don’t mince our words. At recon we’ll tell you what we think even if it’s an uncomfortable truth. 


We work with our clients with transparent sharing of our knowledge and progress. 

our philosophy

Real-world Cyber Security

At recon we practice what we preach. We pride ourselves on our transparent delivery, whether it be cyber consulting, professional security services or managed security services.

Our focus is to assist organisations in defining, developing, and managing cyber resiliency and maturity so that it doesn’t become a burden to daily operations.


Enterprise-grade delivery

recon‘s engineering and architecture teams have years of enterprise grade delivery experience. When approaching a solution or service delivery, our team plans, designs, tests, and delivers on project activities.

Our project and service teams work with our clients to clearly articulate the deliverables and outcomes necessary to ensure that recon’s professional services engagements are delivered on time and within scope.


Transparent + testedreconlab

Incorporated in all professional services engagements is access to recon‘s service delivery platform. This provides clear understanding of the status of any deliverable as well as outlining any gaps, concerns, and risks to the project.

Prior to any delivery, upgrade or significant change, recon tests the deliverable within the recon lab. We try to replicate our client’s systems in near real-world environments to identify potential concerns prior to deployment.


How can team recon help your team?

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