Cyber Security Specialists

Cyber Security is about thinking beyond theory and policy.
At RECON we pride ourselves on our ability to define, build, and operate.

RECON Technologies is an Australian IT and cyber security consulting firm focused on assisting our clients with deep level consulting, integration, and management to protect their brand and reputation. We assist in technology adoption and cyber threat analysis with a focus on enabling our clients to manage cyber risk within an ever changing threat landscape.

Security Consulting

Advice, policy development, strategy, governance, compliance, and technical solution evaluation

Professional Services

Looking to implement a security solution? Our professional services team can deliver on time and within budget

Managed Security

For when you need someone to look after your cyber security needs whether it be end-to-end or point solution

Ensuring Compliance


Built on the prefaces of NIST, ISO, defence-in-depth, and the ASD ITSM, RECON offers Consulting Services to assist organisations in defining their cyber resiliency and building ongoing maturity models.

Security Services

Certified and seasoned delivery engineers with experience in delivering your project within budget and on time. We have a range of Professional Services offerings for both point projects as well as cyber security overhauls.

Security Controls
Managed Solutions

Managed Security

End-to-end, market-leading cyber security expertise delivered as a service to enhance and protect the full breadth of your organisation’s digital assets and achieve continuous and tangible business outcomes.

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Real World Cyber Security

We practice what we preach. We pride ourselves on our transparent delivery, whether it be Consulting, Professional Services or Managed Security services.

Our focus is to assist businesses in defining, developing, and managing cyber resiliency and maturity so that it doesn’t become a burden to daily operations.

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